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The  Velvet Studio team attended the opening of the Sensorium Erotic Art Gallery at the back of the Wicked Wanda’s store and was able to speak with the Curator David Cation. David told VS that the project had come into existence over four months. At the kick off event there were 14 artists featured on the walls, with 40 others waiting in the wings.  David said “most of us are from Ottawa, but it’s not exclusive to Ottawa” he explained “It’s erotic art of all shapes sizes and forms”.

We asked David why an Erotic Art gallery was needed “a lot of artists I know, do their shows. But they all have what I say is their ‘dirty little picture’. Artists have shows, but they have this other work which they don’t show because dealers don’t want them to show the erotic art…I can offer them something here, and represent it as something other than porn, this is art”.

David “it just seemed off the bat, as soon as I put a call, there was a lot of photography, a lot of photographers take nudes. But you can see here, there are oil paintings, water colour paintings, mixed media prints, photography, prints on fabric, oils on canvas, photographs on wood, and some sculpture, and we will have some performance art here too”.

The Gallery will be open the same time as the store from 10am to 8pm, and will have new shows every 6-8weeks.

“it’s been amazing, I’ve had 200 people through and sold two pieces…I know there are a lot of artists with work out there… sex is a core of our existence. It’s like Wicked Wanda’s philosophy, this is what’s happening, this is real, so let’s let It happen, and show it in a professional way… to show people what’s out there, and we can do that”.

When asked about the relationship to Wicked Wanda’s he said “People come into the store, because they are interested in sex in one way or another, and they come into the gallery because they are interested in sex in one way or another, it’s a perfect mix”.

Check out our Interview below and don’t forget to visit the Gallery!