Photograph: Dosfotos/PYMCA /REX

The Velvet Studio embarks on one of the most recent trends coming out of Soho, London (UK). The trend is for men to take drugs such as  crystal methamphetamine, GHB/GBL, mephedrone and, to a lesser extent, cocaine and ketamine. In this episode we speak with Joël Xavier of the ACO’s Education and Prevention team with Noor from YSB on their upcoming work in harm reduction and sexual health education around PnP (Party and Play).

Lambath Council commissioned a study of the new Chemsex phenomena which had interesting findings related to HIV risk and other sexual, and overall health considerations.

This pioneering study lead to an article in the Guardian which further highlighted the sexual health risks being taken. This BBC Radio 4 Documentary details some of the reasons why this behavior has begun to emerge as they interview a number of persons involved in the practice.


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