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Over the course of two episodes the Velvet Studio has looked in depth into the topic of Pride. In the initial episode we look into whether or not Pride is Political. Joining VS is Matt Barker the media activist from EnQueery, most notably involved with ‘Blood, Sweat & Queers‘ a 13 minute documentary about Pride in Toronto. Joining us in the studio was Tammy Dopson the Chair of Ottawa Capital Pride. Tammy spoke to her experiences historically fighting for LGBT rights, and her current work with the local Pride festival. We were also joined by R.J Pate one of the founders of Black Lives Matter – Ottawa Coalition, and local activist Vincent Mousseau, formerly associate with Anti-Capitalist Pride.

In our second episode in our Pride series we interviewed Wilbur Turner the President of Fierté Canada Pride the national Pride organization. We discuss some of the biggest issues facing Pride organizations across the Country. The questions also looked into how certain groups in the US, and Canada are exporting homophobia and what Canadians can do about it. For more information check out the Chanel 4’s Dispatches documentary called : Hunted: Gay & Afraid.

We are then joined by Sue Doster the Co-President of Inter-Pride the global Pride organization which works with Pride groups (over 700) across the globe. We discuss with Sue the exportation of homophobia, and how North Americans can assist in the global pride movement in a sensitive, and anti-colonial way.

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Watch Blood, Sweat and Queers Here:

Blood Sweat & Queers: The Evolution of Pride. from EnQueery on Vimeo.

Blood Sweat & Queers tells a story of passion and perseverance, and asks a community to come together in cultural unity. Matt Barker, a queer media journalist, narrates his journey as he relives the life experiences of human rights advocates and investigates the true purpose of Pride. He challenges his past perspective of Pride while he learns that their are stories that have been left untold.

BSQ orates a mass movement of social synchronicity that encourages Pride’s two million attendees to use the celebration as a vehicle to create tangible change for those who are still fighting for their rights. The core purpose of Blood Sweat & Queers is to showcase the evolution of Pride and to show that there is still work to be done for our community.

You can see the letter from Elizabeth Coleman below:

Istanbul Pride – Letter


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