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In the late hours of Tuesday a new Facebook Page appeared for ‘Capital Pride Ottawa’, the group being run by the Committee Advisory Committee. The Committee had presented a ‘proposal’ to the community at a meeting in January. The Velvet Studio spoke with the Community Advisory Committee’s spokesperson Tammy Dopson about the new positions.

“It’s not a huge departure” she said “We are not reinventing the wheel”.

One noticeable thing is the 3 positions which require French fluency as essential; Communications Coordinator, Community Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. Tammy told the Velvet Studio there had been uneven press coverage, with a focus being Anglo-heavy.

“We’re making great efforts to ensure that [the] French language [is] put into everything that goes out, it’s been added as much as possible” she said.

The Festival Producer position calls for a ‘leadership role’ with responsibilities which include ‘sound governance and decision making practices’.

“That’s to ensure for the community, city and city that with two new layers of oversight we won’t see what happened last year, happen again.”Dopson explained the Community Advisory Committee and the Festival Producer acted as increased oversight.

Tammy Dopson told VS “The festival’s demise was because of its unprecedented growth without infrastructure…The silver lining is that it gave us the opportunity to create something new which respects the history which we can learn from.”

Another notable element is that all positions posted require a police records check for the vulnerable sector, something which had not been a requirement with Capital Pride. They also promote strong bilingualism with each position listing it as an asset.

A new feature will be the ‘Assistant Producer’ role, who will report to the Festival Producer. Dopson said “The point is to have not have one person do more than one job. Each role will have an assistant which is great for succession planning, and sick leave”

Other positions include the Budget Officer, where professional financial or accounting designation is considered an asset. The CAC had previously highlighted their partnership with the Bank Street BIA to ensure better financial accountability. The Events Coordinator in particular, is required to work with the BIA to design and manage the new site for the upcoming festival.

The addition of the Information Management Officer implies that this new Pride is particularly keen to ensure a smother flow of information within the organization. In the December meeting a member of the Capital Pride Interim Board stated they could not find the By-laws, and policies for the organization.

Dopson told the Velvet Studio the job postings were “taken from the former descriptions and expanded”, this is most evident in the Communication Coordinator post, which has a lot in common with previously posted job outlines from Capital Pride.

Dopson addressed lingering concerns over secrecy “we were not out of the blue, we just asked people to be discreet in till we had an established project” she went on to say “It’s not going to be perfection out the gates… It’s going to be an evolution”

When asked about the timeline Dopson responded ““By the end of March we are looking to have everyone in place – anyone who wants to get credit in their resume, this will be where they can get that opportunity. There is going to be a lot of exposure” there is incredible opportunity to being involved.”

Be sure to look at all of the posting made available on the Facebook Page.

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