Pride Chair organizes ‘Secret’ Committee ahead of AGM



Velvet Studio investigation may suggest that MacNamara began recruiting for

‘Launch Committee’ possibly as early as October 10th, over a week prior to bankruptcy announcement.

November 4, 2014 – Ottawa –

2014 Capital Pride Board Chair Jody MacNamara has recently been facing down public accusations of breaching her fudiciary duties through the organizing of a ‘secret’ committee designed to compete in taking over the duties of Pride in Ottawa. The Board of Directors of Capital Pride made the decision in October to declare bankruptcy, with this decision having been released on October 20th.

A list of the ‘Launch Committee’ members was released on Wednesday morning, November 5.  The Velvet Studio reached out to Dillon Black of The Queer Mafia who was listed.  They responded: “Well, I was not aware that I was listed as a member but I was asked to look over something online and provide feedback re: Pride so I did do that, though, I was not aware of who was on the committee. It wasn’t very clear to me, nor was it disclosed.”. Black commented further: “It was strange. I never knew who was part of that committee. All of the folks were BCC’d on emails”.

The Velvet Studio reached out to Zac Johnstone, most recently at Jer’s Vision, who was also listed as a member.
Zac Johnstone responded: “I have withdrawn from the committee, citing the lack of community consultation, and taking issue with the secretive nature of the process. Jodie has been made aware of my withdrawal.”


In a Facebook post made public earlier this week Jodie confronted what were alleged rumours of a secret committee being formed. McNamara provided this quote to Daily Xtra! on Tuesday November 4th, 2014.


“This committee has nothing to do with Capital Pride or the current Board of Directors,” McNamara continued. “I have assembled the committee as a community member, not as the chair of Capital Pride.”  Jodie McNamara

However, this claim made by the Board Chair may contradict an interview between The Velvet Studio and Ariel Troster. Ariel revealed to us that they had been contacted on October 30th by Jodie MacNamara. The following correspondence was also shared.


Hello there Ariel. Not sure if you know me, but I am the current Chair of Capital Pride.

There is an initiative afoot that I would like to bring to your attention. You have been nominated by a fifteen person strong committee of Ottawa LGBTQ community leaders to take part.

(courtesy of Ariel Troster)

The community have raised concerns at only being provided information one day ahead of the AGM. The ‘other proposal’ was not available on request. The Velvet Studio has been lead to believe that the ‘Launch Committee’ was not approved by the Board of Directors.

At present, the most recent Capital Pride Board Meeting minutes containing the decision to declare bankruptcy have not been made available upon request, but we have been made aware that the minutes have been approved by the Board.

Also, The Velvet Studio is also investigating allegations that certain Capital Pride by-laws may have been breached, along with a separate breach of fiduciary duties involving Board Members on the payroll of certain corporate partners.  More to come soon.

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