Capital Pride Saved in M. Night Shyamalan Plot Twist

Capital Pride

Ottawa – Nov 5th

Capital Pride lives another day as the membership, in a shock twist during the Bankruptcy Post-Mortum learned that the corporation was not officially bankrupt – or at least not until the following morning, it wouldn’t be.  As a result, the membership passed a motion to postpone any bankruptcy for 45 days.

In a meeting fraught with emotions, it eventually emerged that despite, assertions that Pride no longer exists, Pride was officially still on the books even if only for that evening. It was at that point that the membership in a 29 to 3 vote moved to schedule an AGM and postpone any action on bankruptcy, during which time an interim board would replace the standing board of directors after a unified voice of non-confidence and absence of community support. This resulted in the mass resignation of four of the remaining Directors, Vice Chair Operations Andrea Guilbault, Outreach Director Ashley Blackwood, Director of Youth and Families Hannah Watt and Treasurer Giselle Gardipy. In her final act as treasurer, Gardipy called the Bankruptcy office to cancel the filing of the papers.  The remaining three directors were Chair Jodie MacNamara, Secretary Rob Swarts, and Director of Community Events Stephane Lavigne,

MacNamara and Swarts remained on the interim board, assuring that they will not be seeking re-election. The meeting saw the appointment of a new interim board tasked with identifying possible solutions prior to the AGM scheduled for December 5th.

The Velvet Studio spoke with new Interim Director Kevin Hatt, also Director of the Board at ACO, in which he said “I just couldn’t see Pride disintegrate, and I will do anything I can to get it through this rough patch”. He noted that the delay until December “… will give the time to get our ducks in order”, He also noted that “It’s hard to say right now what steps will be taken, but proper steps need to be taken before an AGM can be called, we should have our finance statements, preferably audited, at least correct”.

When speaking with Jay Koonstra, who was recently named as a member of the ‘Launch Committee’, which was revealed Wednesday morning as having worked on possible solutions to Pride, he was pleased with the way the meeting concluded; “I think this speaks well of the community to see how we can do better, and try and find a solution en masse. For that reason I think it went well”

*Editorial Note: The four Directors that resigned were facing the end of their term on December 7th. They resigned in order to make room on the Board for the 6 new Interim Directors to be appointed. Two of the candidates put forward for the ‘Launch Committee’ have informed the Velvet Studio that they have withdrawn their candidacy upon learning that Pride was not bankrupt.”

More detailed coverage coming soon.

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