Editorial: PTS, the End of Controversy?


Early in October, PTS (formerly Pink Triangle Services) held their Annual General Meeting. Despite last year’s AGM difficulties–walkouts, accusations, bylaw controversy–this year proved quiet and orderly. The AGM was held when around 27 people showed up. Claudia van den Heuvel, Executive Director of PTS, noted during the AGM that the relatively small turnout may in fact be a result of dropping membership due to a lack of controversy in recent months.

Having gained United Way funding in 2012, PTS has dropped its salary expenditures as a percentage of income, despite an increase of approximately $25,000/yr on salaries. Readers may note that last year, salary spending was a concern of significant proportions at the AGM. Nonetheless, the agency has increased its revenue through gaining United Way funding to the tune of $43, 556, bringing total revenue for 2012 to $239, 005, an increase of 24.7% from 2011.

Last year there were accusations that PTS management had failed to inform members that their memberships were expiring prior to the AGM. Although there were at least two people at the AGM who had not received this year’s by-law amendments (It was later proven they had been received), PTS’s communication to members appears effective.

Another notable alteration of the bylaw comes as a change to quorum requirements for Special and Annual General Meetings (Clauses 54 and 55). Although PTS has continued to struggle to reach quorum (originally set at 25 members) the new bylaw makes it a percentage of the registered membership, rather than a number of members, to help facilitate attendance. The idea was widely accepted, however the practice raised some concern. As PTS currently has only 69 members, quorum for such a meeting would be 17 members.

The AGM also saw the election of a new Board of Directors, with 11 people applying for 12 position. All were acclaimed. There was some difficulty in electing the officer positions, with the perso applying for the presidency (Robert Crevier) being among 5 newly elected directors unable to attend the meeting. The Velvet Studio looks forward to getting to know all of the directors more in the coming months. This AGM will hopefully mark a turning point for PTS, moving away from controversy and engaging the community through other means.


CORRECTION: The Executive Director does not have a voting seat on the board.

Editors Note: The figures above were drawn from the PTS Financial Statements from 2012.

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