Gay Rape Scandal hits UK Parliament

Gay Rape Scandal hits British Parliament

One of the UK’s most trusted and respected MP Nigel Evens faced four separate allegations of sexual assault. In May he was in his home after two complaints, one man accused him of rape, and the other of sexual assault between July 2009 and March of this year. Following the media uproar a third and a fourth complaint came forward. Nigel Evens originally from Swansea in Wales is a long-time Conservative MP having been the MP for the Ribble Valley Constituency in Lancashire. Evens who has been taken aback and very unsettled by the allegations called it, the “worst 24 hours of my life” after the recent loss of his brother.

Some of the British media has cast doubts in the allegations as Conservative MP’s of all stripes come out in support. There have been interviews with both current and former Ministers of the government calling Evens a well mannered and popular MP. He had been MP at Ribble Valley for over 21 years and was repeatedly thankful for the support of the village. The media was quick to point out that Evens pointed out that he was friends with both of the original complainants and had been speaking with one of them as recently as last week. Lancashire police reported to the media that they take sexual assault cases very seriously and although sensitive to the political nature will do a thorough investigation.

Evens who is one of the three Commons Deputy Speakers took a temporary leave of duty as the rape investigations continues to unfold. Having been released on bail in till June 19th he is staying in his home near his constituency. Following the report of a third allegation of sexual assault came forward by a 22 year old man against the 55 year old MP police have said to have raided his constituency office in Parliament. The revelations have shocked parliament as the Prime Minister has also been called to respond to the ongoing situation. The fourth allegation came from a 22 year old man, unknown to Evans who claims that in the presence of his parents during a stint as an intern at Parliament Evens groped the man’s butt for over a minute in the bar, with complainant’s parents in the vicinity. An allegation Evan’s refutes and one that the police are chasing down for a formal statement.

Evans who has been active in politics for years, having served as several secretarial positions under the John Major government came out of the closet in 2010 when he was appointed as deputy speaker claiming he was tired of living a lie and having to fight off the constant black mail threats from his opponents in politics. A strong euro-sceptic and popular in the right he reported after coming out that he had regretted voting in favour of a Thatcher era bill banning the promotion of homosexuality in schools and hoped to lead more having come out.

As one of the few MPs in the UK to be out of the closet, and one of the few in the world Even’s is hoping to be able to face down the allegations saying that they will not ‘destroy’ him with many of his allies calling it an unprecedented smear campaign. June promises to be an informative month in Parliament’s gay rape investigation.

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